• Large Color LCD with 480 x 272 pixel
  • Flexible Function Keys of 12 items x 4 pages with Self Labeling
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Supported SRTP for secure communication
  • Any image data can be displayed on LCD


  • Quantity


Panasonic KX-NT680UK-B Large LCD Phone 48 Button

To prepare for the future of your business, you need a clear vision of its performance today. Panasonic’s new KX-NT680 IP phone gives you just that, displaying all communications information in one crystal-clear display.

  • Information is always available at a glance, thanks to highly intuitive display
  • Integrate corporate branding and information into the display throughout your organisation
  • Reduce the risk of security attacks with SRTP support
  • Enjoy easy set up with embedded centralised management and remote administration settings
  • Register up to 48 flexible function keys, giving more support for frequently used numbers

The ideal interface

The KX-NT680 features an intuitive interface, with a colour LCD screen displaying every detail in sharp focus, and easy-to-understand icons making every piece of information available at a glance.

Communications your way

By importing an image file to the LCD, you can quickly and easily customise the phones to reflect your company’s brand, consistently throughout your offices. What’s more, the information is always visible for the user to take in.

Safe and secure

Thanks to support for Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP), the KX-NT680 phone encrypts communication packets and establish safe and secure channels, with a reduced risk of attack.

Take control

Setting up a terminal was previously a challenging task. Not any longer with the embedded centralised management. All settings can be transmitted by the network and adjusted remotely and administrators on the communication network can set appropriate usage parameters easily.

Flexible functionality

To give you more support for frequently used numbers, features or settings, you can register a total of 48 key settings using different ‘screens’.

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